Q: Do we need a solicitor to purchase a property?

A:We will not sell any properties without the use of legal representation. It is essential that your rights are protected and the best way to do this is to use an independent reputable legal team. The solicitor will ensure that a legal binding contract is drawn up and that it is signed by the buyer and seller. The solicitors job is to also ensure that the seller is also the legal owner of the property / Land and has the right to sell it.

Q: How long does it take for us to actually own the property?

A:No one can have the deeds to their property until the Army have done a search on that person. This process can take anything up to three months. Once the all clear is given by the Army the deeds will then be transferred into your name. This does not stop you moving into your new home. As soon as the contracts have been signed you can start moving in.

Q: Can You Manage & Rent out our property?

A:We can certainly manage your property we have a very good after sales and property management service. We will assist our clients where possible to rent out their property, we will also advertise it free of charge on our website.

Q: Can I give anyone power of attorney to act on my behalf?

A:Yes. Clients usually give us the Power of Attorney (POA), this can be done here in Turkey, or they can do this when they return to the UK. If we have the power of attorney it means that we can sign for the deeds to be released from the Title Deeds Office on their behalf and have the water and electricity supply connected.

Q: If I purchase property, how do I know when to make my payments?

A:This will be detailed in the sale agreement and will be discussed with you when you sign your contract at the solicitors. As soon as the payments have been received we will send you a receipt.

Q: What about bringing pets into Turkey?

A:It is possible to bring your pets out here with its own passport. But if you return to the U.K. it will be subject to the quarantine laws.

Q: What medical services are available in Turkey as we are considering moving there?

A:There are no NHS hospitals in Turkey at the moment. There are Government and Private hospitals. Private hospitals are much cheaper than most European hospitals (approx 45% cheaper) and at times treatment prices can be negotiated. The quality of care is first class. It is important if you are considering coming to Turkey to live to ensure that you obtain Private Health Insurance, this can be obtained in Turkey. For a good comprehensive cover and piece of mind we recommend Bupa International! For further details link please visit: www.bupainternational.com

Q: What are the roads like for driving?

A:Driving in Turkey is on the right hand side of the road. Not all drivers observe the ‘Right Of Way’ ruling. Be careful when crossing roads whilst walking, as Turkish drivers generally do not stop at zebra crossings even!

Q: How can I come to Turkey to view your properties?

A:We can arrange a viewing trip for you... details of this can be found on this web site. This covers accommodation, transfers and viewing of properties.

Q: Are properties Freehold in Turkey?

A:Yes the majority are, it is mainly commercial properties that are leasehold but check with your agent first.


Premium Construction Group is a European/Turkish construction and property development company that sells our own properties in the Didim area. We are one of the largest developers in this area and are well known in Europe. Our customers have great advantages as we are a construction company. We don’t just build our properties, we also have our own staff to sell them and we provide services for our clients after they are bought. Please contact us so we can tell you more about these great benefits.