Our services do not end just when the purchase of your new home is complete. Our property management service will give you peace of mind that your property is safe and being looked after, if it is empty or if you choose to rent it out. We want to give you the peace of mind that when you return you will be able to relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that your home has been looked after.

Bill payments (electricty bill, water bill, property tax, payments)

Monthly utility bills which include your water, electricity, buildings & contents insurance, earthquake insurance and all other kinds of insurance can be paid on your behalf. Any additional bills to need to be paid can also be arranged.

Winter check program (monthly property check)

During the winter time, in your absence, a multitude of things could happen. Storms and bad weather during the winter season mean that a winter care service for your holiday rental property is essential. Keeping an eye on your property, both inside and out, looking after details such as water supply and pipes to heatin. Should running repairs be required we will complete the work needed on your behalf. Picture of the property will be taking and will be e-mailing to you with inspection report.

Construction completion cleaning

When you purchased a property that is under construction, it is normal practice that the builders will not clean the property. The cleaning is usually left to the new owners themselves.This is two times cleaning at the property. First cleaning will be end of the property completion to make property ready to furniture move in, last cleaning will be the make the property ready to stay.

Welcome pack x 1

The basic package will include milk, butter, bread, tea, coffee and sugar, so no matter what time you arrive you will have the essentials. If you would like extra items give us a list and we will purchase them for you. The cost of this will be billed to you when you arrive.


Premium Construction Group is a European/Turkish construction and property development company that sells our own properties in the Didim area. We are one of the largest developers in this area and are well known in Europe. Our customers have great advantages as we are a construction company. We don’t just build our properties, we also have our own staff to sell them and we provide services for our clients after they are bought. Please contact us so we can tell you more about these great benefits.