We will take you around the furniture showrooms and assist you with the purchase of your furniture and all your electrical goods for your new home.

Solar Panels

We can help you to have solar panels fitted at your property.  Almost all Turkish homes are fitted with solar panels as this provides you with free hot water through the summer months. For the winter months when there is not so much sun, you can have a back up water heating system fitted.

Air Conditioning

We supply one air conditioning unit with our own properties and can help arrange any extra units you may want fitted. The cost of these units depends on the size of the unit that you require. Most air conditioning units supply both cold and hot air supply.

Electric and Water

You will be required to pay a one off connection fee for your electric and water services. The fee depends on your property type and location, however they usually cost around £175 each.


A ten year building guarantee comes with any of our own properties.

It is advisable to take out both a building and contents insurace. You will be required to take out earthquake insurance.


There are several different packages that come with a satellite system. Both non-subscription and subscription.


To have a telephone installed you will need to have a residency visa. Some areas of Altinkum do have broadband.

Security bars

You will see that most Turkish homes are fitted with security bars or shutters over the Windows and doors this is for extra security.


Gas in the Altinkum area is by a calor gas bottle. The gas can be used for both cooking and water heating, the bottles come in various sizes.

Residency visa

If you are going to reside in Turkey you will need to apply for a residency visa. We will take you to Aydin to make your application. There are several different things that you will not be able to do without this visa.

Bank account

When you purchase a property we will take you to open up a Turkish bank account. This is very simple you will need your passport and just a small amount of money to open the account.   We will take you to one of the main Banks in turkey and this is called  Turkiye is Bankasi.


Premium Construction Group is a European/Turkish construction and property development company that sells our own properties in the Didim area. We are one of the largest developers in this area and are well known in Europe. Our customers have great advantages as we are a construction company. We don’t just build our properties, we also have our own staff to sell them and we provide services for our clients after they are bought. Please contact us so we can tell you more about these great benefits.